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Here at Bell Family Jewelers, we not only want to find you the perfect engagement ring or wedding band for that someone special. We want to help you with all aspects of this special time in your life. We sourced the net to find the best tips and ideas for your big day!

Getting engaged is a part of your love story that you will be telling for many many years to come, your bride to be will be most impressed by how you personalize your proposal.

So take these ideas as starting points!


No matter where or when you propose, or what your ring is like. You're going to need to cater to your girlfriend's personality. This does sound obvious, but often guys will plan too much around what they like. Here are some common traits we saw and some ideas for each.


SHY Plan something private. If she is shy then she's not going to want a crowd of people around. Preferably choose a place that is quiet and intimate. If you want pictures, hire a hidden photographer.


OUTDOORSY If your bride to be is outdoorsy, try to find an outdoor space that is special to the both of you. For example the location of the first hike you took together


GEEK If your bride is a geek you may want to incorporate some technology into your proposal. For example, you could make a special website with photos, videos, memories and of course ask the question.

Party Girl

PARTY GIRL So your bride to be is a party girl, but you still might want to maintain a sense of intimacy when you propose. A good way to think of "party girl" is simply social. She probably likes being around a lot of people.

City Cycle

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Misty Slopes

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