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Lab Grown Diamonds Bayside Queens NY

lab grown diamonds bayside queens ny
Lab Grown Diamonds Bayside Ny

If you’re looking to buy diamonds in Bayside Queens, why not consider lab grown diamonds.

You might be wondering… What are lab grown diamonds?

Simply put, today’s science and technology allows us to condense the million year geological process of creating a diamond into nine short months. This is all done in a controlled factory setting, as part of a $2 billion industry.

Harry Rutgers shares three powerful reasons to choose lab grown diamonds for your wedding band, engagement ring or earings from Bell Family Jewelers In Bayside New York.

Suppose you and I drove from here to California and stopped at every jeweler along the way. How many of them do you think would be able to tell a lab grown diamond from a mined one?

The answer is zero because they are virtually identical. In fact, with the naked eye, or even using a jewelers loupe, a certified gemologist cannot tell the difference either.

You may wonder ... how can this be?

This is because it takes the same carbon and pressure to make a lab grown diamond as it does to make a diamond which took millions of years to produce. Compare it to making ice cubes in your freezer as opposed to leaving them outside on your balcony in August, and waiting until it’s cold enough for the water to freeze! Both are made from water and are frozen, technology just sped up the process.

Lab created diamonds are made of 100% pure crystallized carbon.

You can feel comfortable knowing they have the identical optical, chemical, and physical properties of any natural diamond. Come to Bell Family Jewelers of Bayside Queens and see for yourself.

The water pollution, soil erosion an nutrient depletion associated with traditional mining processes have a negative impact on local communities.

Lab grown diamonds do not contribute to this destructive process. Less pollution means you can feel good about helping our environment and protecting our earth.

For example, just last week a gentleman came in wanting to purchase a 2-carat diamond engagement ring with a budget of $18,000. We showed him a beautiful lab grown diamond for $8,000 and helped him save $10,000 on his purchase and surprise his fiance with the ring she dreamed of.

Mined diamonds are a natural resource that require manpower, equipment, water sources and cause significant environmental damage.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are created in a factory, making them much more affordable. You can now get more diamond for your money.

In conclusion, if you live in the greater Bayside Queens area, you need to talk to Harry Rutgers of Bell Family Jewelers. Harry is an expert in Lab grown diamonds in Bayside NY.

Prove it to yourself and allow Harold to show you both diamonds side by side and judge it for yourself.

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