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Lab grown Diamonds Flushing Queens NY

If you’re looking to buy diamonds in Flushing Queens New York, listen closely. Gem quality lab grown diamonds have been available commercially since the early 2010s. Savvy consumers understand they can save 50% on these real diamonds compared to mined diamonds.

You might be surprised to learn that our lab grown diamonds in Queens have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are cut and polished the same way and graded by cut, color, clarity and carat like a mined diamond. Even using a jeweler’s loupe or a microscope, a graduate gemologist cannot tell the difference.

So, what is the difference?

The biggest difference to you as a consumer is that lab grown diamonds in cost about half the price of mined diamonds. The reason is both lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds start as carbon atoms. The high pressures and temperatures that form a diamond crystal inside the earth over millennia are mimicked in a laboratory in about a month. This reduces the expensive and labor-intensive process of mining.

Compare it to making ice cubes in your freezer as opposed to leaving them outside on your balcony and waiting until it’s cold enough for the water to freeze! Both are made from water and are frozen, technology just sped up the process. Come to Bell Family Jewelers and see for yourself.

Our Flushing lab grown diamonds — But are they certified diamonds?

Jewelry customers come to our store shopping for diamonds all the time. They love the idea of saving 50% on the diamond that they want.

Most people want to save money, right? However, they always ask, “Are the diamonds certified”?

You can feel confident knowing all our lab grown diamonds are certified as diamonds by the four leading grading agencies, GIA, GCAL, AGS and IGI.

Queens Lab grown diamonds—Do they come in different colors and shapes?

Our lab diamonds are real diamonds. This means they come in every color just like mined diamonds. We have diamonds in all sizes and cuts and to fit your personal budget and taste.

See for yourself

We invite you to come to our Bayside, Queens jewelry store. Take the lab diamond comparison test. Ask Harry to show you a mined diamond and a lab created diamond side-by-side. The difference is indiscernible. See for yourself at Bell Family Jewelers. You can also check out our short video to see what we mean.

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